• Heidithefairy

    How it all started

    Heidi Aria Rainbowdash was born on July 12, 2012. She is currently a 22 year old fairy who has a pasion for fashion and a being great and singing great. Ok first things first, Heidi was born to mom Sprinkles Marie Rainbowdash. Her father Drake shortly left her and her mom. Rainbowdash concludes "She always has wanted sing since she was little."

    6 years later when Heidi was obviously 6 Heidi had a sister Skyer Serene Rainbowdash. Sky quotes that "My sister was always a dreamer, but she cared about me." Through elementry school Heidi was a quiet girl with a big heart and big dreams. She always dreamed of one days reaching her sucess.

    At 10 Heidi was obsessed with Fashion Fire Magazine it's been her favorite thing since she was lit…

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